Thursday, July 27, 2017

How about this?

We, Eve and I were strolling around the Valtos area of the island the other and I, as I am prone to do, fell into conversation with an amiable chap with a very nice boat. Lovely you might say but it turned out this amiable chap and I knew each other some fourty years ago.

Apologies to Angus - for that is his name - in that I did not immediately recognize him after all these years, he may have change a bit. And I too have seen times change somewhat.

Lovely thing is he's in the process of moving here - in a tremendously wonderful spot - to build a house for his lovely family. How good is that !


gz said...

good to see him doing well

Graham Edwards said...

Well Angus must be an okay chap: he's wearing a Tilly Hat.