Wednesday, July 05, 2017

I had with me this suitably unsuitable camera

This one. I've used it before only not sure it's working right. Always a tad darker on one side of the neg.
Loaded it with Foma200 film in a 400 cassette so I had to push the development - ID11. Now that's technical enough for me.

 I shot here and there while out the other day on that ill-fated crappy film stroll. Mainly there to be honest. The track was merely damp which was nice, the sun shone warmly and the orange filter I held in front of the lens made me all the better for it.
Mr Toots had been round for his tea the other evening and post dindins we watched a film on the pooter about Fay Godwin. She used a red or yellow filter often so I thought I'd better too. Come to think of it, me pal Mr A Boyd has one her old Mamiya cameras - all properly authenticated and everything - although I suspect one can still take rubbish snaps with it.

Now I am exhausterated after two strolls today and, carrying the coal in with my dearest Eve.

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