Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ooh, sailing

No it wasn't raining yesterday. Twas about 390 C in the shad it seemed. Got overwarmed and everything. But we went sailing. Lots of wind, waves and all.

The Sail Stormoway Cruise in company it was only they weren't good company really as they went off fast, sailing over the horizon as we wrestled to get the little boatee Freyja out beyond Arnish in the outer harbour. I mean we had to turn this way and that to make headway, then the water started bumping around a lot, the wee boaty went up and down.

To be totally honest, we must have been proper first back taking in account our boatee was a tiddler, our age and incompetence - all worked out in a proper handicap. Only, they, the others didn't see it that way.

Lost my pink glasses an all on the way back in - very nice sailing though thank you very much. The string holding the bins slipped off my hair and plop, they were gone into the harbour.

Still, we moored up on the absent Admiral Hales' summer moooring for a while to have a sleep before putting the boaty back on our ropey things back behind the rocks and whathaveyou - once the tide agreed to come back in a bit.

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gz said...

sounds like a really good trip..apart from specs loss