Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sail and Row

There's a bit going on down Stormoway way. The music festival starts in a day or two and the sailing and rowing for everyone is running now.

I went down in the heat of the day - yes over 20C - to help. Held a string at an opportune time, got wet feet - that sort of thing and bumped into Murdo photo who is back on his native island for a day or two. Lovely chap too. remembered my name and everything from four years back!

Anyway, needless I snapped him up with my Vivitar UW&S before he started collecting pixels with his imaging device.

I then started to feel awful so came home and laid down. As I do

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Graham Edwards said...

I hope that you are up and about again. My brother lay down on Tuesday and he's still laying down!