Sunday, August 06, 2017

The Minch

Yes, I'm late posting this. Sorry and all that. Eve & I were gadding about o'er the Minch in Inverness, living it up looking at prints in the Print place by the river there, sitting outside cafes in the sunshine, Walking about a bit and buying another art book. I wasn't going to buy the book but I just couldn't help myself. Must get some therepy!

The other day I took this snap of The Minch as I waved to photographist and seafarer Roy Kalsvick  - you can see his excellent blog here - as he pootled up the sea bit in his wee boatee Subsea Viking. The flippin thing looks huge in the pics online but I think they must have thrown an invisability cloak over the thing as, despite seeing it on AIS outside on the watery bit, I couldn't see a boat at all. Ah well, such is life! Hopefully, I'll meet Mr Roy somewhere in the future.

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