Wednesday, August 09, 2017

The weather

We are some what governed by the weather here on the island. I mean, tis nice at the moment although cloudy, it's warmish. Sometimes it's horrible like a few days ago when I visited The Croft and it threw it down for a while - luckily as I was in the Big Shed.

The wind direction affects the cooking too. The old Rayburn stove sulks with wind in one direction and is an almost uncontrollable blast furnace when in the other. It does rather influence ones cooking!


gz said...

I wonder if one could get a cowl for the chimney to help the stove? One that changed according to wind direction

Harvey said...

"What do you fancy for tea"
"I'd like a casserole "
"Ooh sorry, not today, it's a northerly!"

I love that!

Roy Karlsvik said...

Cowl changing to the wind? We got them over here, of course. We get the occational breeze as well, as you might know.
Not as rough as over there, of course, but we still get some wind.
Check link: