Monday, January 08, 2018

Sometimes I like to think I'm on to something.

Then I come back to my senses.

Take this for example. I took this snap a while bac with a Soviet Kiev 4 a camera. It almost works too - if you don't let the sun - which does occasionally show it'self round these parts at this time of year - get in the lens. Then, if you mess up the development with whatever dodgy film you had in the camera at the time then stumble onto the neg after the cat climbs off the settee / filing chair - you might feel you have an image that works.
Might .

It was something like that for this neg only with the added spice of a recent visitation here by the Toots' not long after I'd rushed around the gaff moving the dust around a bit and dimming the lights. They brought jam doughnuts too. How lovely was that? Very.

Not sure Mrs Toots would like this on the wall mind you. Toots 'imself might appreciate it a bit more on account you couldn't tell it was really him unless I told you - and I'm not going to do that am I?

Now, on reflection I'm not sure it's the masterpeicece I first thought it might be. Maybe Mr Winogrand had something when he suggested negs should lay around a bit before you look at them.


gz said...

A good suggestion to end on...within limits!

Graham Edwards said...

It has an air of the sinister about it (with the figure on the dexter).