Saturday, February 17, 2018

It's not like this now

I'd had a nice stroll with the Tootsmeister in the snowy stuff and I took a snap with the OM1n and Orwo film. So, if I go to all that trouble plus developing in and the like then I'm going to post it.

The sun has been shining as I write.


Andrea Ingram said...

Bother, spoke too soon 😐

Harvey said...

Well as you took the time to stroll across it, snap its likeness, process it’s silver-iness and then pixel-wotsit it for our enjoyment then I for one will say that was time spent well. I like looking at snow as long as it’s not where I need to be!
And the sun apologises for the false alarm but says it will try harder in April,

gz said...

shining here too....we were indoors,of course!