Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Oh dear

So pleased my dear Eve is back home again after her visitation to mother. Eve got stuck in Glasgow airport again on the way home. This time it was a combination of the weather and the wing falling off or something. Long hours of waiting did nothing for her mood - then she couldn't sleep well at the hotel the airline had EVENTUALLY arranged.

It's always lovely to have Eve home again. Makes my life complete. But there was an additional reason this time - something smelt like it had died in the fridge but my nose wouldn't let me get close enough to find out what is was. Eve's is inured to such things and soon found the runny Camembert in the back. Now the fridge smells not at all and i can even open it's door :-)


gz said...

glad Eve is home safe epic journey

astrobeck said...

Glad to hear Eve is home, I saw this just now.
It's a lovely view.