Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The dodgy Soviet camera, up-rated German film, PQ developer and a young artist

I went out to play yesterday and The Young Artist formerly known as Katie came too. We went out to the moor in the sunshine wondering what the women who lived in the sheilings in the summer got up to. TYA had a lovely little Olympus Trip 35 to play with which I covet very much. I had a Kiev 4a with a slow working shutter. and film I'd uprated from asa 100 to 200. Later the film was developed by me in PQ print developer - quickly. This was one of my snaps of TYA on the moor while she was considering whether to make a huge enormous arty something or other I didn't really understand out there. She didn't.


Roy Karlsvik said...

The dodgy Kiev obviously like the combination of up-rated german film dunked in PQ and the nice looks of a young artist in front of it's lens. It's good and I like it :)

gz said...

Nice sunshine,but too cold and windy for a huge arty something I'd say