Monday, April 02, 2018


We, that is Eve and I had a little away day the other day. Took ourselves on a wee cruise across the Minch on the ferry, lift with pals in their car to Inverness where painted the town red. Actually, twas more of a stagger round the place - Cafe, Art Gallery, cafe again, book shoppe [photo book bought with vouchers I was given :-) ) and then back on the bus to catch the ferry home. Lovely day out. Sun shone pretty well all day. I took some snaps as you can see above.
What's not to like?
Well, the two and half hours each way on the ferry [though very comfortable and free for us as we are now officially aged then another hour or so each way on the bus [or car].

How sophisticated are we ?


Harvey said...

Ooh I love it when you lith, very nice. And your day out sounds perfect to me too.

gz said...

very sophisticated..and tired out at the end of the day!