Thursday, April 26, 2018

Orwo N74 stand development

Yes yes, nothing new. But I needed to try stand development with this film - in Rodinal. I find it a little too grainy in Rodinal 1:50 but somehow at 1:100 it looks nice.

and here's the lith print just done on old old Agfa Record.

Ooof, I have seem to have lost my oomfh. I was wondering if I had chucked it out with the old settee. Nothing seems good at the moment. Apart from Eve, and the weather, my friends and the place I live - but apart from that, nothing.


Graham Edwards said...

Well, my friend, I suggest that you play the Glad Game: you have an Eve, good weather, friends and a place where you live (and one in which you live). Lots of people would give their eye teeth (whatever they are) for those things.

gz said...

interesting comparison between the lithprint and the other