Sunday, April 22, 2018

Perking up

Did I tell you I had a nice day the other day? I did didn't I.?
I should take this camera, the Perkeo, out more often as I like what it sees. This was on this island I might add. it's a favourite of mine - even when the cafe is closed - as it was that day. As you may know, the place, the Isle of Lewis, is littered with old derelict old houses. What you may not know is that there are new houses going up all o'er the place. Sadly, many of them are merely holiday homes.


Graham Edwards said...

That's rather an attractive little pic. However I have to admit (and, had I still been in my original employment on this Island I would, of course, have known) that I was totally unaware that there was a plethora of holiday homes being built on Lewis - ie Lewis an compared with Harris. It used to be the case that people inherited crofts (with their houses often). Indeed many years ago I knew one Island worthy originally from Uig who had two houses he occupied: his town house in Stornoway where he worked and his family house in Uig where he spent much of his time. He also had inherited three other house in Uig which he did not use and would not sell and they gradually fell into disrepair.

Of course people used to do up the old family croft house (usually with grants) and retire to it but people born here are now tending not to return when they retire or even to work here and retire off the Island.

The population is about 6,000 less now than when I came to the Island. If it were not for the large number of incomers in recent years the Islands would be depopulating beyond any form of viability.

Andrea Ingram said...

To be honest Graham I have no firm evidence of them being holiday homes. But often they don't seem to be occupied. This one was/is.

gz said...

The weather has definitely un-perked here.
I like the work you do with that camera.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Of course it's a great camera, the Perkeo. After all, it got one of them Color Skopar lenses attached, or not? I have yet to see ugly tones coming from them nice little things.