Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Two artists

Sadly photographist/curator Alex Boyd and his partner musician/composer Jessica Danz will be leaving the island soonish and setting up home somewhere a little less damp. Hopefully. They have both been a huge inspiration to me and I'll be glad when they are gone so I can go back to be a moaning sloth. 

I'll miss them a lot and hope that they answer my communications from time to time. I took the liberty of snapping them up the other day - since the weather was fab. I know which snap I prefer but which do you?


gz said...

The top image..the pylon balances the couple.
Good to have friends around, even briefly

John said...

I prefer the second image. He is looking out of the frame and towards their next adventure together.

Roy Karlsvik said...

Easy match, as any snap containing either a lovely pylon or an Isle of Lewis brutal bus stop thing is an instant fav from my side. The lovely couple fits the scene very well, just to add to it all.