Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Urban Life; take it or leave it

I used to live in and near to cities. I worked in them and I was so pleased to get out of them. I can breathe easily now. The birds here sing not cough. I awake in the morning to see the sea - and hear the wind howling.

Only, sometimes I find the need to visit a city again, even if it was a small city of manageable proportions. Inverness as it happens. My cameras like the place you see. Lots of things to see and capture.

Sometimes someone starts a photo project that captures ones attention. Bruce Robbins Carse Project is one I am looking forward to see it develop.

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Graham Edwards said...

I would never choose to live in a city again (having not lived in once since my early 20s) but, like you, I like to go back occasionally so that I can go to concerts, visit art galleries or whatever. Live in one? No thanks!