Friday, May 18, 2018

Beyond the Edge

I was speaking to my pal Toots the other day about his ongoing, sorry, soon to be ongoing project The Edge. Now at least 15 years in the gestation, I think it's about time he got on with it. So, in the spirit of things I stopped at the beach outside his housey and took this snap as if it might gee him up [some hope].

I'd been suggesting Toots look at the work of the great Hiroshi Sugimoto and particularly his seascapes which I rather like - to elicit some inspiration or something. Sugimoto is no one-trick pony though, his lightning images and portraits are testament to that.

Hold the front page !

Toots Wilson has been out photoing The Edge. On the edge and everything. Down Dal Mor way with his Isolette . In the warm sunshine, dodging the waves while I sat on the soft sand and watched. Apparently he took three, yes 3 images !!! Only took 16 years to get going .


gz said...

glad there is...some..progress

Michael McNeill said...

Loved the seascapes. Thanks for sharing!