Sunday, May 20, 2018


Yes it's been warmish hereabouts.
It's moved into double numbers and one can strip down to three layers as long as you don't stay too long in the shadows. I was out with Toots Wilson as he kick started his project, The Edge. I persuaded him to pass through Tolsta Chaolais on the way to goodness knows where. Tis a nice place where some TV programme was made . When the vehicle we were travelling in came to a halt, I leapt out - as well as one can when one is old and achy - and stole a snap. This was it.

Can you tell it was shot on a OM1n loaded with Kentmere400 film which later I sloshed in Rodinal then scanned? I mean, can you?

1 comment:

Harvey said...

Doh, I had 50p each way on it being an OM2n with Kentmere 400 sloshed in Rodinal. I must be more careful with my money. Nicely rendered warmish though.