Thursday, June 28, 2018

It was the huge Chicken-Man that worried me

It wasn't the sort of thing I'd been expecting. I'd not been expecting anything much to be honest - a mild visitation of a new to me place with added bier and cake. That much I'd got right but then, as if by magic, as if I'd started dreaming a 'man' with feathery arms flapped into the space and a cyclist rode by. Always a cyclist riding by it seems. Just as well there were lots of cycle paths.

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Harvey said...

I love this, it’s a Rorschach test in a photograph. I saw two cats but then the big one became a clown before I read your talkie bit. I always go photo first then read the blurb, same in a gallery, which I know this is but I meant the white walls and old fella in a chair sort.
More please.