Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Being square

I like square snaps. The shape appeals to me as it can be landscape and portrait in the same image.
It seems to be ok for Magnum - and I know they don't always shoot square.

Anyway, we have been on holiday. Have I told you that? All sort of walking around and looking at things interspersed with cake and bier. And sometimes snapping away with polypan-f. Have film will use it sort of thing. Like this lot, have instruments, will play.

Ooof, must have walked too far that day in search of nirvana. Still, the selection I made there is sure to keep a camera club bod away from my vicinity. On another note there seemed to be a lot druids or some-such in one place we went. 

Of course we took a bus ride or two. Who do you think we are eh? Faux celebrities or summut? I'll have you know, Team Sky rides by bus  Seen them. talked to them ! Must be ok but I had a camera in my hand just in case.

Did you listen to the music I linked to? DO SO. It'll put you in the mood. For what? I have no idea. try it and see. And here.

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Harvey said...

It’s nine O’clock, you can’t make musical suggestions like that at nine O’clock, I’m not so young these days. I don’t have that much energy on a weekend. Nice accompanying snappz (Polish!) though, lots happening, busy but with room to move around. You need room to move around.