Monday, July 02, 2018

I've only just started

Don't think I finished with our holiday snaps. Oh no, I've hardly started.

This was the day it was 31c hot. I mean, for us northerners that's hot. Too hot to be honest. Ice cream had to be taken. And Cake. I like cake and Poland does do cake well. Oh, and ice cream. We deserved it. We walked up here and if I'm not mistake down it too. There were miners just coming off shift at the top of the road - or actors that looked like miners and everything. You know the sort of thing- lamp on helmet, copy of Polksi Morning Star in back pocket, face smeared with black make-up and coming out of a mine. That's how you tell. I read it once. Saw in the newspapers years ago and everything.

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Harvey said...

It’ll be a political act that, miners dressed as actors. Shadowy too. Hiding things. Still, cake eh!