Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Soviets are failing

I have had this penchant for old Soviet cameras [I know, I know, don't start ...].
The Zorkis are a fav of mine and I do have a Zorki 6 with a Industar61 that works passably well. [and a gifted FED Zarya with Jupiter 12 that's sort of okish too] The lens is great but the body is less than willing at times with uneven exposures. I loved my Kiev 6c /60 cameras until the bodies failed. The last one has a jammed shutter. The other camera I like was/is the Kiev 4a. A delight to use I find - as long as you don't mind light leaks. The Jupiter8 lens I have with the camera I have at the moment is nice but, like most 4a bodies the flippin things have light leaks. The current one has irregular but annoying leaks - which really isn't surprising since the sun has been shining rather a lot of late - and it's not used to that. Maybe I shall keep it for inside shots in subdued light - like this shot [on Orwo N74] of the great Mr Toots recently - in an Lanntair checking out his new exhibition - Music to my eyes.

Though this one above worked out ok despite the sun. the one below was a dismal light leaked failure.

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