Friday, July 13, 2018


By all accounts this summer has been exceptional. Exceptionally hot that is. And sunny. Neither are a thing we are used to but thankfully the rains have arrived back, the clouds with them and we can enjoy a usual summer day.

I'd been in the Toot's darkroom again recently, so tootled out while the light was good and shot off a roll of HP5 - just to make me feel like the world is really there or something.

Had two shots left on the roll when nearly home so stopped at a beach- there are many here - and exposed myself - as it were - there. This is one of them and I like it.

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gz said...

Worth liking..very nice indeed.
Of course the rain is returning..we're headed for Highland Gameses...we had been dreading a summer like last year, but Nature no longer does anything by halves, does she.