Monday, November 05, 2018


These are sheeps on the Isle of Harris. I might add they are not  Hebridean sheeps merely sons or here daughters of furry white sheeps that were brought [legally] to the isle some time ago .

It's a bit like Trump- the so-called president of the states who is merely a son of immigrants into the states - and there is a question over whether his mother was a legal immigrant. anyway, should be interesting if Trump makes children born in USA of illegal immigrants stateless.

The snap was taken with a Kodak Ektar lens on a 2x3 Grahic Baby Pacemaker camera.

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Roy Karlsvik said...

It's not that I'm a big discusser of politics and politicians in general, but I hopefully can't be blamed for thinking that there's a lot of the stuff falling out of that mans mouth that probably will end up being interesting to look back on for people with a bit better memory than me.
Lovely sheepscape by the way :)