Saturday, November 21, 2020

in the darkroom


I was printing this the other day. On RC first then some Ilford Warmtone FB that Toots let me use. He still has the print as we were in his lovely darkroom [masked I might add] and I haven't been back yet. I am sure it will be a masterpiece - or at least an acceptable print. Yes, it island roads and everything. I might have to do some more of these since I am enjoying hem.

I'll wash my mouth out with soap and water now .......

Eve made a wonderful baked cheesecake the other da. I might add here, it has all gone just in case you were thinking of booking a ferry and coming to have some. It was, as you might expect, lovely. 

There is a nice little cycling cafe in Stormoway which we used to frequent [ and did do briefly last week] that seems to specialise in cheescake. I saw a light lemony affair lurking in the cake stand tempting me while I drank my everysowonderful flat-black coffee - the best in town I reckon. The air was full of temptation, but Eve was there so I resisted.

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gz said...

Good for Eve! When the time comes we will all go there and indulge ourselves!