Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Playing with Franka

Since I found the 6x6 mask for the Franka Rolfix [I was given another with the mask snuggled inside] been meaning to put a roll through. FP4 was around in it went but it took me few months to get it through. anyway, now I remember why i put this one to one side - it scrathes the negs !!!
But still, I have cleaned it all up a bit and have three snaps to show for it. The FP4 was sloshed in R09.

Here's Guy, the derny mender who works in Angola at present and sorts the motor-pace bikes when he comes home. Couldn't work without him.

This is Dan - Yasumitsusan - with his chum Skooby . Fast bike racers the pair of them!

Then there's Flash Gordon - aka Alan Geldard, 1948 Olympic cycling bronze medallist and all round nice guy. Yasumitsusan's g'dad

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