Friday, September 01, 2006

Spotmatic @ Mildenhall

So, there we were at Mildenhall cycling rally, Max was rushing around in his bushmans hat trying to get the track in tip top condition for the races. I was sitting. I do that a lot at the moment. It's about all the energy have presently. Still, I did manage to raise the Spotmatic with the 35mm/2.8 to my eye now and again so I ended up with a few images on Foma 100/R09.

Jon had won the national 400m on grass, Joby, my nephew was 4th so not a bad for the team.

They beat Sumo Steve in one of the earlier rounds - which doesn't look much but S Steve had won this event before.

Now, on grass track, we are still a bit trad. with the racing started with a starters gun - and here are the twio boys who do the business. They have been doing the business for years.

Eve, my dear partner was racing too and here she stands out like a beacon in one of the sprint races.

The racing was fast and furious and I actually got up and then laid down to take this one as Joby leads his heat.

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