Monday, January 21, 2008

Argus C3

My very good friend the writer - Monty - kindly sent me up an old Argus C3 camera affectionately known at The Brick. I knew it didn't work as Monty had told me :-). Anyway, Monty also had also pointed me in the direction of some repair web-sites and since these cameras are not complicated I took it apart. And hey ho, managed to sort the thing- the shutter was staying open after firing.
Loaded up some expired colour film and took it out with me this morning. I had to go to the big smoke of Stornoway and took the dogs for a stroll along from cuddy point. The sun shone and the colours were amazing. Then I noticed the fault had reappeared!
So, when got home I developed the film in B&W chems and had three images only. Here's two. Ah well, you don't win them all.
I have since taken it apart again and found one of the components broken. Shall have to wait for a donor camera

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