Tuesday, January 22, 2008


People seem to think all is fantastic with islands - and in the main it is. We have three beaches near our village with miles of clean golden sand and waves all year round for surfing on. The people here are lovely and welcoming, the roads are quiet and there is little need to lock ones doors.
However, the island does have its own issues to contend with and here you can see a recent story reagding drugs and the little drug-finding dog. And it rains. Not all the time mind you but when it does there are often high winds too to blow one away and drive you back to the fireside. The feries get cancelled and the electricity gets cut off - not to mention the broaband. And I love it!
Anyway, here's a cyanotype of a neg I took in Mossley Lancs. Enlarged neg on OHP injet film and printed art paper.

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Bluewave said...

So that's what a real cyanotype looks like. Cool.

My bug bear with island life is the super-high delivery charges that some companies charge. Ok, a little less wind and rain would be nice too.