Saturday, May 03, 2008

Going West

For the last few days we have had the pleasure of Mr Paul West for company. Paul, with whom I used to work, has just finished working for British Cycling in Manchester and is embarking on a spot of travelling - and the Western Isles were his first stop.
After a spot of Peat Cutting - Paul had a look round the island in the wonderfully warm weather we have been having.
The nice thing is we saw about a dozen cyclists out riding on Friday - two here seen riding towards Floddabay on Harris.

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H and Lou said...

Well, how spiffing. That there Paul West making a visit up north. I'm sure that Paul left BC before the news of his leaving. I didn't even get a chance to say thanks and good bye.

So Paul, if you get to read this while checking out Andrea's great pics. Thanks for all your help over the years, your steady wheel and your laughs a plenty.

H and Lou.