Friday, March 06, 2009

Panic over

I've seen sense again and got back into the darkroom - despite the fact that the little heater I have in there seemed to make only minor in roads into the cold today. Now I'm sat in front of pooter, I'm still cold. Cold right through.
Anyway the smell of the chemicals lured me back to the B&W side of life. I love the nuances of life and B&W can be rather like that. Obviously black and white but less obvious are the nuances of the tones. Or something.
Anyway, the prints I did are too big for my scanner so you'll have to make do with this scan of a neg from last year o'er back of t'village.

Take a look at this site where you can see in the list of competitors for the 2009 Artic Marathin is Stornoway policeman Neil MacDonald. Best of luck to him!

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HS said...

Great picture. Reminds me of a training ride I took from fair Derry to Malin Head (Ireland's most northerly point!). Needless to say that sign-posting on Inishowen isn't at its best. I ended up at the lighthouse at Dungaree Head and then turned left. The tarmac turned to gravel, then to hard packed mud, then full spongy peat bog. Progress through the bog was pretty good given that I was on my road bike with skinny tyres... until... double punctures. Fortunately, I was rescued by a peat cutter on a very old and strangely small tractor. His surprise at seeing me was equalled to my relief at seeing him.