Sunday, March 08, 2009

Donnie Cash & Rab Dylan

Yes, yes, I wus there. At the Woodlands Centre in a rainstorm snuggling up to the half a million other people in there last night. A fine evening by all accounts although the back of my legs are still sore from standing so long. Partner Eve won second prize in the raffle so we have some choccies to eat :-)
Loved most of the fine performers but special mention from me for Chain and Ball or something like that who played an excellent set - even saw Mr Woody 'imself tapping his toes. The last band, although being fine musicians, played a rather enigmatic set - two songs by Jacob Marley [I think], one by Johhny Cash's preacher and another by Sting. Ah well, kept us all amused anyway.

Wierd weather todsy but just back from a stroll on t'beach which we managed without getting soacked. Must be a record.


Tweed Delights said...

Lovely photos on your blog - thank you for commenting on mine : )

windy said...

jacob marley :-D