Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a wonderful evening

I had the opportunity of a visit to Harris last evening and I 'chose' the day well. Clear skies and a warm sun gave a soft light over the rocky landscape as I bowled along the Golden Road. And yes, I had a camera [or two] with me but seeing I use film and I only got back late, I have none to post here yet. I'm out early too so I'm hoping to catch the sunrise over The Minch - as long as the rain stays away.
Meanwhile, here's another colour snap from a few days ago. North Tolsta o'er The Minch

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Sarah Mac said...

Hi Andrea - you had a definite smattering of snow, when we had hardly any. I loved this and the other one with the red door a few days ago - shades of Schindler's List, and very enigmatic