Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Going for a walk
I've taken on the task of walking a doggie during the week. The doggies name is something like 'Friet' but that's not how you spell or probably pronounce her name. Luckily this is one well behaved doggie so walkies is a real pleasure and this morning was no exception along one of the local beaches. The weather was typical of this place - one moment howling winds and rain and the next warm sunshine.
Port Nis
Of course I took a camera and finished up the film in my old Kiev rangefinder. The walkies picture was he last on the roll and further on in the roll I found this gem - from Port Nis. Might even get in the darkroom for this one .

Even further on the roll I came across this Cartier-Bresson inspired shot taken in Clifton Bristol just adjacent to the place where the recently departed Keith Floyd had a restaurant and I had a flat above. Floyds resturant even sponsored the club for a while!

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Diane Peterson said...

Andrea..this is such a beautiful shot! Your tones are wonderful..