Sunday, September 27, 2009

Finishing the roll of film

You know what its like you get near the end of a roll of film - 12 exposures in the case and 10 have been exposed - and you are desperate to develop the thing. Only, because I'm a cheapskate I cannot bring myself to waste the last two shots. So, on the way to see William and Gemma I spy this place where I carefully compose and shoot. Was it worth it??


donnie said...

crazy paving and a bench - such is life's rich tapestry - i like it

Nigel Cliff said...

Having just returned to film after many years of being just digital I realise this frustration,I think I took some great shots over the weekend but need to take another 10 before I can find out

Dominic Doherty said...

Hi there - found your blog via Donnie's hebrides blog and I gotta say, I love your sepia photographs, you're really talented but I guess you know that already :-) I'll be following your blog from now on.