Friday, October 02, 2009

Its Friday

... and as yet I've yet to post anything and I know the Coelyns will be looking so I have post summut.

I suppose I should be pleased that at least two people look at the blimin thing but it does rather put pressure on one to come up with a snap and drivel to match. Its bad enough that the weather has been awful and the dustbins have had to be tied down to prevent them beccoming airborne and then floating off across The Minch. Its bad enough that the fire has had to be lit, the peats brought in and The Visitor had to take his jacket off and move back against the wall before he spontaneously combusted. Eh?

Talking of which, The Visitor took The Table to revision it to a more manageable size that will fit the Winter Parlour which is soon to be joined at the hip with the Kitchen after the removal of The Wall. I see dust. However, I can swing a rabbit in the Summer Parlour - if only Count Wiesmier would let me!

Anyway, the snap; a generic builders pose from the Velodrome in Manchester. The hole is gone and beneath it is a bloke in a bowler hat :-)

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