Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aly & Phil

Look here Aly, what we gong to do about this thing here?” gestured Mr Cunningham wrinkling his nose at the grey looking congealed gift sitting yet again on the dressing room table. “Surely it’s your turn to get rid of it this year?” retorted a noticeably put out fiddler.
Isn’t it about time we told them we can’t stand the sight of the Guga let alone the smell or taste. I mean, its not exactly Gravadlax is it?”.
“I know, I know but I think it might come best from you Ally” suggested the pretty one, “you being an islander and everything. They’ll hardly take it from a mainlander eh? Anyway, we should come earlier in the year when they have not brought the blimin things back. That would make life a bit easier”.
“Oh brilliant, shall we just rub out the last 44 days then? Eh?”
said Mr Bain, now in a petulant mood after coming dangerously near the dead beast on the plate and spinning round almost flattening his fiddle in the process.


“Oh bugger, I’m not going out till we sort this”.
“Nor me; hrumph.”
“Have you seen it out there ? It looks like a mass séance”

Right!!!; on Lewis?? You have got to be kidding!”

“Mmm, good point. Ok, here’s what we do; whoever plays the fastest tonight tells them to stuff their Guga.”

“You’re on. Come on, lets get on before they conjure up the beyond”.

Such was the behind the scene goings on at the recent Bain and Cunningham extravaganza at An Lanntair as the audience waited patiently in the dark. Still, it was worth it when the eventually did come on a the music was terrific and the stories well remembered. I await my source to tell me the outcome of this little tryst!

Oh, and todays snap was taken wif a Contaflex SLR of a certain vintage and loaned to me by The Coelyns - for which many thanks.

BTW; I came across this the other day so, if you want to learn Gealic see here.
and listen to this.

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