Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm a Lewis Photographica celebrity, get me,,,,,,,

Tea anyone? Barbara of the Coelynes asks.
This is NOT the finished wall. The job had only just began - 1st cup of tea and all that.

Have you ever decorated a room? I have. In fact I should be doing that right now in the Warming Room since you mention it. Still, this is important.

I helped Toots redecorate his technical room recently - with a little help from fellow LP[c]rs. The technical room with Thomas the Tank Engine wallpaper that Toots had been keeping very quiet about. Its brilliant and luckily the paper came off in complete sheets so it will reappear in a frame all nicely mounted and what have you - once the decoration here has been sorted. And that's any time now.

I was lucky in that in-between telling Toots and the un-named person I can't mention because I have not cleared it with him, how do do the job, making tea and reading this months B&W mag that I no longer suscribe to, I took a few snaps. Naturally, I rated an un-pushable 400asa film to 1600 and developed it later in Rodinal. Just because I can.

Meanwhile, I am risking life and limb to capture the essence of Paul The Crofter's life over on Island Crofters. For goodness sake. Go and have a look. Just a taster below.

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