Monday, November 23, 2009

Cabin fever

Sometime, just sometimes, the weather gets the better of me, the wind howling, the rain lashing down and what-have-you so I have to stay in rather more than I prefer. Luckily it doesn't happen too often on this paradise island - at least not more than once a week anyway at this time of year.

Sometimes too, I just don't have the energy to leap out of our nice warm and comfortable bed with our venerable Lord Wiesmier- stuffed rabbit of this parish - and so look around the place for something to photograph. I have never been too good setting up still lifes and would rather snap-up something that already 'is'. This snap is no exception since I took it from the armchair in the Warming Room.
Here you can see my auxiliary shutter [the hat] and a snap of our civil partnership printed on POP.


andrewsandersonphoto said...

Hi Andrea, I love the way you write. Did you get my email about the 7x5 x-ray film? not sure if I've got an up to date address.

mabon888 said...

Cabin fever and it's only November.
Hang in there.

Andrea, I love to be stuck inside with rain and a howling gale outside, safe by the fireside with a mug of tea.

Do you do bed and breakfast?