Saturday, November 21, 2009

Moishe’s Bagel

Gratuitous snap of an island car mechanic wondering where the wonderful music is coming from!

Whoa! Went to what was the best jig of the year at An Lanntair last night. It was
Moishe’s Bagel- a weird mix of klezmer, ska, south american and balkan music. Gotan Project and the Modern jazz quintet meets Rabbi Blue eh! Brilliant musicians and it could have gone on for another hour as far as I was concerned. If you have not seen them, do so asap - Drumnadrochit tonight - assuming they got across the Minch on the ferry OK since there is a storm raging outside as I write. Check out the vid here.

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Anonymous said...

I know one of the Bagels - and you're right, they're the best thing since sliced breid. Marvellous musicians and dear god the energy of it - inspiring! I love that they tour to out of the way places too.