Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit of the Rabster

What a lovely surprise this evening when Mr Rab McMurdo ex-Motor Vehicle technician turned up at my little home for a chin-wag. I've not seen much of The Rabster since he stopped sucking through his teeth at the sight of my motor coughing its way into his old yard in Riggs Road. The Rabster seems to have gone decidedly upmarket these days taking the high ground in Coll and generally making himself known around the place.
The Rabster seems to have taken to this retirement thing - digging his digger here and there and planning to move into the oil business so he can be bought out like all the others. Once he has come back from Barbados and his other gaff that is. Or so he tells me. But then he has told me lots of things over the few years I've known him.

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julia said...

I have often imagined a stint on an island such as this, in black and white of course! A dream that is most unlikely to happen.