Friday, December 18, 2009

And today.....

I was busy.
Quick trot down to see if the turkey numbers running around The Croft were down [they were not. Yet]. Trot out toward Garry Beach and back with Ghriet the dog. Then off to The Battys for a spot of engagement photography.
Mr Batty used to be El Supremo of the now-defunct island Photog Club here on the island so I know his demands are high and in consequence I took along a bunch of odd looking cameras held together with gaffer tape or elastic bands and set to work.
At this point I may refer you back to somewhere earlier in the blog where Mr Batty became engaged to the lovely Anna. Only I can't find it. Must be there. Needless to say Mr Batty is now a happy chappie and has had his life transformed for the better. So much so he actually said he liked the snap I took around to show him. Eh! That's a first!
I finished off the sesh with a couple of snaps with the 5x7 FKD Soviet view camera - all gaffer tape and elastic bands with only a hat for a shuuter. Now I have two nice negs for a vandyke print to come sometime in the near future and, another that should print up nicely on Silver Halide. I say should because I shot some 200asa sheet film at 800asa as you do, developing in homoeopathic dilutions of Rodinal for around 5 hours. It could have done with overnight but still, its usable.
So, the snap above is the happy couple - David and Anna of North Tolsta. I just need to find some time to print this snap in the darkroom.

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