Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Me 'Ed's in tickets"

Such was the cry of the finance person at my old workplace many years ago when I worked for a sane lot. This finance person was prone to such lovely sayings and translated from Manc. it meant "I can't do two things at once" sort of thing. Tickets for an event at the Manchester Velodrome being the thing she was doing - apart from kippering her lungs that is - and the thing I was asking about being the other. Why am I saying this? Answers on a postcard please because it has slipped my mind at present.
In the meantime while I await the plethora of postcards to pop onto the doormat by nice postman, I talk about something else.
Ok, it has come to me.
Oh, gone again.
Flippin heck, getting older is just a pain, but so much a pain as the trouble I seem to be having with the water hereabouts. Last year the local water company covered the road with mud just outside the village, dug up more of the moor and built a rather natty water treatment plant. This building fits in nicely with the new houses being built round here in that it totally lacks any character or interesting shape and is generally grey. Ever since they built that the water quality has been terrible and its effecting my negs. A lot. I already use a Paterson type filter in the water hose but I'm either going to have to get a proper water filter or else only use bought ionised water. Every neg I get out if the developer/fix - even with the new temperature gauge seems to be coated in the remnants of The Crofters duck's breakfast - or something rather similar. This makes the negs very difficult to print in the darkroom without spending the majority of my days spotting the faults out.

Snap of the day; Kowa /HP5/LC29 neg scan with spots removed. From the beginning of the snow walk at the weekend.


donnie said...

beautiful pic - great shapes and tone and mood - simple but one of your best

Brenda said...

It's a beautiful photograph.

ßlϋeωãvε said...

Yes, 'tis a beautiful photo. Serene and calming with those lovely sweeping tyre tracks. Could almost have been a pencil drawing.