Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Singing in the shower

After another sleepless night plotting and fretting about work issues, issues that are causing my head to teeter on the edge of falling off and my little bod to commence falling apart, I awake to the most wonderful thing I have heard on the radio for quite a while.
On the Radio4 Today programme - yes, I am THAT sort of person - Mr Robert Wyatt formerly of Soft Machine and music of true wonderfulness fame now sees the result of his request to listeners to send in mp3s of their choirs around the UK. Now there is an interactive map of all things, with loads of brilliant choirs to listen to. Go over and take a look/listen, its well worth a hour of your time. And mine. Good old BBC - worth every penny of the licence fee. Only we don't pay for one. We have no TV in case you were just about to make a phone call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I so wish I could sing. I dream about such things - when I am not worrying about work. Anyway, my sister sings in a choir in Somerset - my mother does too sometimes but I've only heard the lovely Laxey Women's choir up here and I could never sing as well as that! Ah well, its back to singing in the shower - only we just have a bath and that doesn't feel the same at all.

The snap; another from our great snow walk up Bowglass last Saturday.
BTW; update on yesterday; I have now managed to scrounge a good thermometer from Toots Wilson so its all go on the film developing front. Once I have sorted work out.

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