Friday, January 29, 2010

Meditation and Regression


Look, the Grinneas nan Eilean is coming up and I have not got anything outrageous to show. Basically, the Grinneas is an art show at An Lanntair art centre in Stornoway where everyone can put 'art' pieces in for display and sale. There's usually some great proper artists showing like Willie Fulton and then you get people like me. And I don't do 'art', I do stuff.
However, I do make images and I do often use cameras but, I'm often tempted to 'do' something different. Different from the endless beach shots, standing stones and over saturated coloured images that frequent the photos in this show. Last year, one of my photographs, properly printed on Silver Gelatin but taken with a pinhole camera using very old film made it into the 'art'/painting section. :-). I also made an image entitled 'midge in formaldehyde' but now I think of it, that didn't pass muster - apart from the title so didn't put that one in.

Anyway, this year, I have been inspired. I'm working on some images because I found some old enlarging paper that has a lovely texture and used as a neg in-camera [an old folder in this case] then enlarged onto more paper makes some great results. I think so anyway and that's what counts. So, these are the first two - and there will be more .
I might even have another go at Midge in Formaldehyde too.

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