Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prostrate with dismal

Oh please! Someone tell me the point of this little trip down to the beach. One suspects it's more like " I have a 4x4 and can't be arsed to walk!". It wasn't for taking a boat down since there were no trailor tyre tracks. And I suspect the last boat to come onto this beach was when Sammy the Seal misled the Stornoway Canoe Club and brought them here to show them the delights of the obsolete pier. I wonder; has the pier ever been used other than to fish or fall off of?

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John Hastings said...

Hmm A Tricky One. My only thought is that its a message to the Gods from Eric Von Daniken ..
... Now that we have changed to energy saving light bulbs we have a surplus of 100w bulbs ones. Available for collection any time you're passing...

Maybe not