Sunday, February 07, 2010

Death by P.S.

I have been re visioning a neg of mine. Taken with the Hasselblad in one of my favourite home village spots and re-worked here in front of t'fire using a pooter program - the lazy way. However, it is something I do from time to time - when I can't be bothered to go into the darkroom, I have not got enough B&W paper or, like this time, when I want to spend time in the same space as my dear Eve whilst doing something constructive/destructive.

I am rather taken by the work of Titarenko, not only in his use of movement but also in his darkroom re-visioning of negs. Like Titarenko, I like to imagine that the neg is merely a starting point of the final image. Unlike Titarenko, I have little of no imagination of what I'm trying to achieve. I just hope I recognise it when I see it! Here, I rather like this Titarenko-esque effect whch would be rather easy to do the proper way. And, if I can find the neg, might well do that.

And yes, I like it dark and part-toned sine you ask Coelyne :-)

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