Saturday, February 06, 2010

Yup; snow

The Stornoway Gazette Snapper walks to work [Seamus McDean ?]

Not snowing at the moment I might - quickly. The sun is out - somewhere behind the big bank of dark clouds that are lurking overhead and causing me to have to have the light on in the middle of the day and everything.
But it does seemed to have snowed inordinately this winter. The animals have been having a rough time of it and the snow underfoot does not 'help getting the pigs in' [an obscure Archers reference here for Mick who's bobbing around the high seas somewhere out west in his boat Hannah with Bee and the moggie. Well worth checking out their website as it happens - nice pics an all. The Archers are always worth checking out of course. Jazzer being particularly wonderful at the moment and I feel that Phallon is giving him a terrible time. So unfair. And Helen is off her head.]
Anyway, took these snaps a few days ago in The Big Town with the Kiev rangefinder camera and HP5 rated at 1600 and sloshed in Rodinal 1:100 for 2 hours - which can't be done apparently.

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