Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ummm. Cyanotypes and all that

Called in to the Coelyns today for a mini-workshop with these good people and Toots came along too. Well, I must say they were very organised and in no time we had a few prints out after a quick suntanning in the living room. One 6x6 we left as it was [looked nice too] one we bleached which made it look even better and one I threw in some Yorkshire tea. Despite the teas' nomenclature, it worked reasonably well, changing the colour of the light to dark blue and pinking up the highlights.
I rather enjoyed myself although Mr Coelyne was rather non-plussed at my 'dash of this, slurp of that' techniques :-). "Its all about playing" I told him and he seemed satisfied with that although I suspect the measuring jug is going to get more use than it did today - as will the timer.
Anyway, here's one I did some time ago; a 6x6 neg; Kate's Cabbage

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