Monday, March 01, 2010

Vandyke on Bienfang

It's March already!!!!!

Before I have to give this interesting block of Bienfang paper back, I snook out one sheet - half a sheet actually - and coated it with some really dodgy Vandyke emulsion that seems to have separated out but works [nearly] when you shake it up a bit. Seems like this thin paper is quite nice and might have to lose the block or something. If you hung in front of some gold foil , it might look nice :-) On the other hand, gold foil in front of the print might look better.
I shot some well average Shanghai 5x7 in the gaffer/firewood FKD plate camera with the darkcloth-shutter, a standard-lamp pointing ceiling wards and a blanket for a backdrop - slowly being moved from side to side by my able assistant for the shoot - Eve.
Cooked in the winter sun as well since my home-concocted UV box is out on loan.

This is what you call a still-life. Not quite like the expired sheep you see on the beaches at the moment but proper still-life like the painter people do and all that. Only, I didn't quite manage to lose the ladder from the shoot. Ah well, in 50 years that'll be a talking point - if this print survives and anyone can be bothered looking at it.
Grinneas nan Eilean?

Lard update; The merging of The Featherstonehaughs and Egon Schiele caught on film .
He is the one, the one..... He's in there somewhere :-)

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