Friday, July 09, 2010

Colour from the UW&S

Big goldfish things
Yep, someone put a bell 'there'!
I just sat and was.

So, here I am eating too many things I shouldn't, monitoring the TDF and Cav's exploits - not forgetting those of Cummings, Wigan, Thomas et al - whilst I wait for the chest congestion to clear up. I am getting cabin fever. However, I did manage a little trip to pick up some colour negs from the old Ultra-wide-&-slim this morning. Nice.

Went through to the Village shop in North Tolsta too. Looks lovely what with its new coat of paint, new shelf things, lovely staff and things. Give it a try!

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Mairi MacLeod said...

Hi there,

I love your photo of Bosta and the Bell and was wondering if I could use if for the Great Bernera tourism leaflet I'm designing at the moment?

Look forward to hearing from you soon,